Three Roll Mill Safety Training 2014 Video

Responsive image The printing ink three roll mill is commonly used in the manufacture of certain types of printing inks. The proper operation of this equipment is critical to providing a safe working environment in printing ink manufacturing plants. This 2014 safety training video was produced by the National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers' Health and Safety Committee. It was developed following the requirements of ANSI Standard B65/NAPIM 177.1 Safe Operation - Printing Ink Three Roll Mills. This concise,thirteen minute video provides a complete overview of three roll mill safe operating procedures. It is intended to be used to enhance direct, supervised training conducted by an experienced, competent and authorized mill operator. The information below describes the information provided on the video training:

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Three Roll Mill Safety Training Video
Introduction and Overview
Responsive image This section provides an outline of the different types of mills, general description of where this equipment is used and what types of mills are coverd by the ANSI Standard and
Function and Purpose
Responsive image This section of the video discusses the purpose of the three roll mill in ink manufacturing and the mill's basic operational concepts (e.g. de-aeration, dispersion, homogenization, etc.).
Potential Hazards
Responsive image This video clearly demonstrates for the employee that the primary hazard associated with the operation of three roll mills involves accidental contact with the rollers with either clothing, tools or a body part such as a finger, hand , hair or arm. This can result in very serious injury or death. Employees are shown the proper methods and techniques used to avoid injuries.
Safety Equipment and Devices
Responsive image This section describes the function, placement and use of e-stops and tripwires. This section also provides detailed instructions regarding the use the nip point guard. Detailed instructions covering general safety procedures are also covered.
Mill and Roll Cleaning
Responsive image Mill and roll cleaning procedures are carefully covered in significant detail in the video because of the potential for injures during these operations.
Knife Changing
Responsive image Changing the knife on the mill is frequently the source of lacerations and other types of injuries. The safety video carefully outlines the proper techniques and methods for minimizing the potential for injury.